Global Pursuit - Hunts in Switzerland

Switzerland is THE country where one thinks of when he or she thinks of the European Alps and where the Alpine Ibex and Chamois reign king. Obtaining a hunting license in Switzerland can be quite complicated, being a bit of a procedure of at least one year before the hunt is needed to apply for the lottery type system of permit allocations. Foreigners are bound to these procedures in most circumstances. In some instances, permits are bought by outfitters and are then auctioned at conservation events (WSF, SCI etc.) It can be a lengthy process waiting for years at times for a chance at an ibex permit whereas chamois permits are quite easy to obtain in the lottery process.


Global Pursuit Hunts - Switzerland


The hunting in Switzerland is extremely well organized, with local guides and outfitters knowing the whereabouts of the animals and will guide their hunters to trophies that are very old and/or are extremely large trophies.  Hunting is generally a two day affair barring any adverse weather. Hunting is done via spot and stalk and on foot.

Switzerland is a destinations that is beyond words. The scenery, the people, food, and history will exceed all expectations. The Swiss landscape is home to some of the most well known mountains on earth. The Matterhorn, The Eiger and many others are located here and provide unbelievable backdrops to one of the most scenic places on earth.