Global Pursuit - Hunts in Spain

One word that describes Spain? Incredible! It is a destination that has been at the top of international hunters lists for as long as hunters have longed for the mountains and the hunting they provide.

Spain is a veritable buffet of hunting, both in variety and in sheer specie availability. It has a multitude of hunting opportunities from end to end not to mention an incredible cultural and historical vacation mixed in. World class food, sights, and Old World charm are the norm here, not the exception. It is a hunting destination of pure joy.


Global Pursuit - Hunts in Spain

Animals in Spain

Spanish Capra

Best known for its Capra hunting, Spain offers four different ibex varieties with the Gredos ibex in the west, Beceite ibex in the east, Ronda ibex in the extreme south and the Sierra Nevada (SE) ibex in the south-east.

In addition to the ibex, Spain has two varieties of chamois as well. Firstly, the diminutive Cantabrian chamois, found only in the north of Spain, is the smallest of all of the chamois varieties. The Pyrenees Mountains also has its own namesake chamois found there, both on the Spanish and French sides.

On the island of Mallorca, the Balearian Boc (Mallorcan wild goat) is found on the NW side of the island and offers a wonderful hunt that can be combined with a beachside vaction.

Spanish Deer Hunts

Along with the fantastic Capra hunting Spain has to offer, it also offers some great deer hunting. Iberian red stag, fallow deer and roe deer are readily available and an affordable option. Seasons for the stags and fallow deer open in September and run through February. The roe deer open in April and run through October.

Spanish Sheep Hunting

Aoudad and Iberian mouflon offer the sheep hunters hunts that are affordable (a rarity in the sheep world) and offer very liberal hunt seasons.

Mouflon can be found throughout the country and can be found in both free range and estate style hunting. The aoudad (Barbary sheep) is found in the dry parched desert hunts in the southeastern portion of the country.

Red Legged Partridge, Monterias and European Boar

Also in Spain we offer world class high volume Red legged partridge shooting as well as Spanish Monteria style hunts.  Our partridge hunts are offered on world class properties with incredible 5 star lodging, chef prepared meals and fine wines.

The Monteria hunts appeal to hunters who are looking for Spain’s oldest form of huntin with high volume drive style hunts with lots of excitement, high speed shooting and multiple trophies taken per hunter.

The European boar are also found virtually everywhere in country and can be added to most any hunts.

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