Global Pursuit - Hunts in New Zealand

The Land of the Long Cloud.. A hunting destination that can offer the combination of spectacular hunting, exotic locations and a world class vacation all rolled into one trip.

Whether its 5 star lodging whist hunting roaring red stag, or staying in a one man tent on the side of a steep mountain deep in the Southern Alps chasing a big bull tahr, hunting New Zealand can offer as much diversity in your trip as you’d like.

With its world famous sights, mountains and friendly people, New Zealand is easily one of the world’s top hunting destinations. It is a country that has something for everyone.


Global Pursuit - Hunts in New Zealand

Animals in New Zealand

Red Stag

This is the hunt that most hunters associate New Zealand with. Stags here can be hunted in proportions not found anywhere else on earth. Unbelievable stags in the 500”+ range can be found on both Islands.

Stags in these proportions are hunted in estate settings and are priced according to score. Other alternatives can be found though with free range options. Although the score may not be anywhere near as high, the hunt itself is quite the adventure and a good free range stag trophy is one that well earned.

As mentioned, most of our stag hunting takes place on exclusive properties with numerous stags located on the properties. Most properties are between 4-6000 acres in size. On the properties we offer first class accommodations and food.

Fallow Deer

We have some great fallow deer on all of the properties we hunt our red stags on. The fallow bucks are a great trophy you can add to a stag hunt for a reasonable price.

Mountain Hunts (Himalayan Tahr and Alpine Chamois)

We try to offer a true mountain hunting experience with our bull tahr and chamois hunts in the west coast wilderness. We take helicopters into the country and once in the area, hunt on foot and stay in tents. These are true wilderness hunts in the furthest and roughest country New Zealand has to offer. But the payoff with these tougher conditions is unbelievable trophies and good numbers of them. It is not uncommon to take bull tahr in excess of 12 years of age.

Our guides are very experienced at hunting tahr and over the years we have had a very high success rate harvesting outstanding quality trophies including the current World Record #1 Himalayan Tahr taken in 2012 on wilderness land.

The tahr rut begins in May and runs through July with the optimum time to hunt tahr in their best winter coats being from May through August. The quest for a trophy bull tahr is the highlight of the trip for many of our hunters.

The chamois hunts are conducted in much of the same manner as our tahr hunts in that they are often found in the same wilderness areas we hunt and as such, can be combined easily with the tahr.

Chamois can be hunted year round with the rut being best when their winter coat is at its darkest. We hunt chamois from March through August and the rut is May/June. Chamois make a fine mountain trophy and are a worthy game animal to pursue.

Both the tahr and chamois in New Zealand are eligible for the Capra World Slam.

New Zealand also offers the Arapawa sheep. These sheep originated from Europe. Liberated onto Arapawa Island at the top of the South Island as food for returning whalers and sealers they soon adapted well to their surroundings. Easily distinguished by their large curled horns and 'dread-lock' woolly coats, these hardy rams are an attractive trophy animal and an affordable add on whilst in country.

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