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Previously known as Asia Minor and Anatolia. It is one of the “must see” places in the world. Turkey is unique in its geographical location, a crossroads at which many different civilizations and species met and interfused, forming uniqueness out of diversity.

Turkey has a rich hunting tradition dating back to the Hittites, Romans and Ottomans.  Turkey offers quite the buffet of hunting options. Bezoar ibex, hybrid bezoar ibex, Anatolian chamois, Mid-Eastern red stag, roe deer and wild boar with Konya mouflon on a very limited basis. Turkey has something to offer everyone.


Global Pursuit Hunts - Turkey

Animals in Turkey

Bezoar Ibex

The Bezoar ibex (Capra Aegagrus Aegagrus ) is one of the most sought after trophy animals in the hunting world. Being blessed with long sweeping scimitar horns growing up to 50’’ or sometimes even longer, with a beautiful light cream colored coat with its jet black crosses. Many hunters consider this goat to be the most handsome of all the Capras. As such, the Bezoar is considered one of the most desired trophies of the world.

They are found throughout Turkey in good numbers and found from the Taurus range along the Mediterranean coast all the way through eastern boundary of the country with Iran.

Like all other Capra species, the bezoar is found in steep terrain, with a mix of cliff face and forest being optimal.  Since there are many ranges inside of Turkey that vary greatly in altitude, bezoar ibex can be found in vastly different altitudes of  2400’ to 9000’ and very different terrain. The one common theme is rocky and steep!

Each area has its own characteristics and is quite unique to the others. That said, most hunting is conducted in similar fashion no matter where they take place in Turkey. The hunts are most always conducted on foot with driving as far as possible being common. Accommodations will differ from one area to another. In some areas (mostly southern) it is common for the hunters to stay in nearby hotels close to or on the beaches, whereas in other areas, it is common to hunt and hunt out of small hunting cabins or tented affairs high in the hunting areas.

The rutting period for the bezoar starts in earnest at the end of November and will run until early January on average. Season ends by the end by March. 

Averages for trophy size vary greatly. Certain areas (prime) consistently produce trophies 45” and larger. Other areas (common) have an average closer to 40” and it would be very difficult to find a trophy larger than that. As such, prices for bezoar can fluctuate greatly depending on the area.

Anatolian Chamois

The Anatolian chamois is only available in Turkey and is one of eight huntable subspecies of chamois. They are found in the northeast of the country with some smaller isolated populations found in the mountains of the eastern provinces. Hunting is allowed in the Kackar Mountains of the northeastern portion of the country.  Chamois season starts in August and runs through the end of March, with the best time being November, when the rut peaks. Local village guest houses and small hotels are utilized for these hunts.  

Nemrut (Hybrid Bezoar) Ibex

Being a cross-breed between the bezoar ibex and a domestic goat, these hybrid ibex have been recognized by both Grand Slam Club/Ovis and Safari Club International (SCI), with trophies being counted toward a hunter’s Capra Super 20 by GSCO. 

The hybrid ibex occupies several different location within Turkey and are often found living in areas that are generally regarded as pure bezoar only. This being due to local populations of domestic goats intermingling with the wild bezoar herds. Most are hunted in the south central potion of the country.

True hybrid come in a myriad of colors, features, and horn configurations. Features that differentiate a hybrid trophy from a pure bezoar is their floppy downward facing ears, longer body hair and the shape of the horns which may flare out quite wide very much like a domestic billy.  Terrain is moderate in the areas we hunt with elevations averaging in the 3000-5500 feet.  Hotels are the norm on this hunt.

Mid Eastern Red Stag

The Anatolian red deer population has continued to grow every year since 2004 when an official season was set and opened to international sportsmen. Today the numbers are very good in most all areas where hunting is allowed with trophy quality getting better each year! We have several hunting areas that are exclusive to our outfitter in the central areas of Turkey.

Traditional stag hunting in Turkey is best done by calling (very similar to North American elk hunting) during the rut timeframe of September and early October. Spot and stalk hunting is also utilized.  This hunt can be successfully combined with wild boar hunting as they are quite common in the same locations. Local hotels are utilized for this hunt.

Turkish Wild Boar

Turkish Wild boar are available to hunt year round with baiting and driving being open from September to February. Hunting can be had in many different locations throughout Turkey.

In Turkey, the boar is regarded as a nuisance by the locals as they can and do cause damage to farm land and crops. Trophy quality is unmatched in Turkey. Tusks measuring up to and over 30 cm have been collected in years past with tusks up 20 to 25 cm being more reasonable. Body weights on these pigs can be quite incredible with weights of 400lbs and over being not that uncommon.

Hotel accommodations being used for these hunts.

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